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A number of people in life go through life using the abbreviation CRS. While I won’t define this abbreviation, since the last letter is profane, but I will say that this term or abbreviation is an excuse to escape the full impacts of learning and reality. The statement is a trapper of the mind, since the person is constantly saying, “I can’t.”

The trick to remembering is removing those trappers we set in our own mind. Some of the trappers include “I can’t,” externalization externalize thinking, stressors, stress, and the like. Anytime the mind is consumed with negative trappers, it will rarely find areas to make room for sharpening the short-term memory. In case you are wondering, externalization externalize is people who make excuses ongoing, never accepts ownership, and rarely takes control of their own mind, actions and so forth.

To show you how we setup traps that hinder us from sharpening our minds we can consider a few stories.

A woman has received a disconnection notice telling her that if she doesn’t come up with $250 by next week, her utilities will be disconnected. To reconnect the services she will have to come up with a deposit of $50 if the balanced is not paid in full by next week. The woman panics.

Instead of going on a panic attack woman, sit down and think about where you can get the cash. Think about calling the utility providers and ask for an extension. Can you borrow the cash? Is it possible you can work at a job that will earn you the cash? Can you ask for assistance if you are in the low-income ranger to pay the utilities? There are options and sitting down and thinking about the options is sharpening the mind, instead of setting up trappers.

Ok, a child breaks the neighbor’s window as he gathered with friends throwing ball. The child panics. The parents receive the news and they panic.

Get those trappers out of your mind. Anxiety and worry are trappers. Change what you can and leave alone changes that you can’t make. Logically this problem is easily resolved. Perhaps the neighbors have home insurance that will cover the damage, and perhaps the child’s parents can cover the co-fees. Glass is relatively cheap and it takes little skill to replace broken windows. There are always solutions to problems, therefore stop trapping the mind and start using your head to sharpen your memory.

Let’s consider a more dramatic story. A person gets in his/her vehicle knowing that they had too many alcoholic beverages. The person intends to drive home rather than asking a friend to be a designated driver. The cops spot the person swerving off the road and pulls over the driver. The officer asks the person to take a breathalyzer and asks him/her to conduct a few tactics, such as restating alphabet.

The person fails the tests. The officer reads the person his rights, puts him/her in handcuffs, and takes the person off to the country jail. Now we have a major problem, since a crime was committed. However, we can see from this account that the person is hindering the mind from learning and remembering, since the person is overusing alcohol. Another trapper!

What could have happen is the person could have used alcohol wisely, asked a friend to drive him/her to the location, or else stayed out of under the wheel in the first place. The person couldn’t do this however, since the mind was trapped.

Still, the person has a resolve. The person can hire an attorney, plead not guilty, and accept a lesser offense and/or charge. This will give him the opportunity to seek counselor, payoff fines, and court fees, work to reinstate his/her driver license, and so forth. There is always an answer and seeking that answer is the process of sharpening short-term memory.

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