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The memory is a tropical rain forest. Sometimes answers pour down lightly while other times your brain floods the memories. As you move along the tropic rain forest, you will often visualize areas of your life where you wish the entire picture would come to mind. You will also visual pours of thoughts that flood your mind were you would wish that the brain could shut up. Furthermore, you will experience visuals that takes you back to an earlier time in your life, as well as visuals that will direct the rain in your brain.

Ok, we are going to learn how to sharpen our short-term memory by repeating. Oh wait, I forgot. What are we doing? Oh, yea, we are sharpening our memory. The more you repeat what it is you want to do or remember the likely you will remember. A little side joke will help you to see how repeating can help you enhance short-term memory.

There are two boys sitting on a fence. One of the boys’ names is repeat and the other is Pete. Pete fell off the fence, so who is still sitting on the fence. If you keep saying repeat you will get on my nerves. Therefore, at what time you start repeating to remember you want to do it away from other people, since you may get on their nerves. If you are trying to remember something with other people around, let them know you are repeating to remember. If you let them know, likely, they will watch you, try to remember, or else help you remember.

One thing you want to keep in mind, if you are searching for memories, is that if you haven’t endured head injuries that caused amnesia, diseases that rob the mind, death, or disorders that cause amnesia, is that the brain will store every touch, taste, smell, word, object, person and so forth that you ever seen or heard.

Each time a thought comes to mind it will last a lifetime, unless one or the other named happens to you. Still, the rare disorders that cause amnesia does not mean all information is lost. In fact, these people have the ability once the memories are pulled together to recall details, word for word, action for action, thought for thought and so on.

To help you see how the mind works we can consider the tropical rain forest as a whole picture. Think of the tropical rain forest and use the elements of the forest to represent passages, short-term memory, long-term memory, perceptions, pictures, thoughts, and so forth. Along the path notice smells, tastes, touches, sounds, sights and the like. As you move along picture the trees being the short-term memory where everything is all spread out and as you move along, picture the trees finally coming together to join with the leafs, barks and other parts of the trees, joining to form long-term memory.

Short-term memory stores information for a short time. For instance, you can look up a telephone number, close the book, and possibly loose the number. Therefore, if you are searching for phone numbers you will need to repeat the number a few times until it registers in the long-term memory. Once it arrives at the long-term memory, you can pull it up from the mind each time you call the number, rather than going back to the phone book. As you move along that tropical rain forest in your mind, you will notice that each step you take a new tree comes to the front and the old tree is a fast passing object. This is at what time you will repeat your steps to recall details of particular memories.

NOTE: Severely traumatized persons should use imagery only in the company of a qualified therapist. This is dangerous for particular disordered minds.


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