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Role-play is one of the best choices of techniques in finding lost memories. Role-play enables you to sit outside your own mind and view information from different angles through a third eye. As you learn the steps in role-playing, you will soon see areas of the mind unexposed that you may have thought you forgot. The truth is as humans we never forget anything the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth digests. To help you learn the strategies in role-playing we can consider.

Role-Play Scene

Picture self-sitting in a chair across the room from a friend, as the two of your stair into each other’s eyes, and picture the friend sitting upright in the chair and the friend looks remarkably identical to you. Now, think of the friend telling you something, which is a fragment of the memory you are trying to recall. As you sit there, relax your mind, and allow smells, senses, feelings, tastes, touches, sounds, words, thoughts, and the like unfold freely.

As you move along in the scene draw up images, visions and the like in your mind. Let the mind travel along the journey to finding your memories without interrupting. If you feel uncomfortable, try not the fight the memories coming to the front. Instead, let the memories come to you naturally. You can learn to help the memories move along freely by taking deep breathes each time you feel uncomfortable.

Role-playing is the process of acting out feelings, emotions, thoughts, ideas, acts, and so forth. If you have a hard time understanding role-play, picture self on a big television screen. You can also reverse the scene and picture someone else on the big screen television. This will help you to draw images in the mind while capturing memories.

Each memory that comes your way the fits in the memory you are trying to retrieve, you should immediately write it down. Writing down the memories will help you to construct an entire event sooner. Picture the characters in the scene as you role-play and think of them as someone you don’t particular know if you like. This strategy is idea at what time you are having difficult remembering faces of people. You can use the characters while searching for associating parts of the actual person you wish to remember.

As you move along the screen, watch closely as visualizations come to focus. Pay close attention to the visualizations and study them carefully to see if it fits or has any purpose to the memory you are trying to restore.

As you begin to see familiar areas of the memory, concentrate, yet keep relaxing the mind so that you do not distract the thoughts pouring from your brain.

As you can see visualization, images, thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and more take fold as you role-play.

Some of the helpful guides that aid role-playing are self-talk, writing, repeating, reviewing, reciting, previewing, and starting over. The more you practice the better chance you will have at sharpening your short-term memory.

You might wonder how I am familiar with the steps and how I know it works. To let you in on a little secret, the truth is I am a survivor of amnesia my entire life. If it hadn’t been for writing, role-playing, self-talk, repeating, reviewing, reciting, recapturing, back tracking, previewing and so on, I wouldn’t be here writing this article today. While I can guarantee this strategy will work for those putting for efforts, I can say that if you have a mental disorder, I warn you to approach your therapist before role-playing. However, writing can never hurt, while particular disorders can make writing a bona fide disastrous experience.

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