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Visions are the power and act of seeing something clearly. It is a unique sense through visual observations that helps you to see interactions, colors and details that form memories. Visions are also articles of imagination as well as a fantasy, dream, and the like. Visions can form in many ways that help us to see inside our minds where memories rest.

Visions are similar to imagery; in fact, it is sort of another way to name imagery. Yet, as you produce imagery, you draw charts, graphics, pictures etc to form the images most times. You can also form imagery in the mind, as well as use your imagination to pull up details. The key to remember is that you want colors to fit the picture, details to define the picture and interactions to connect the memories.

Using visions can help you to grow. You can learn to envision you in the scene so that you can look at yourself at the time the memory developed. If you are searching to discover old memories, you can also use objects, such as clothing, brush, etc to bring the memory back. In other words, you can spot an object that was used during the time the memory developed to search for missing pieces.

Short-term memory processes smells, tastes, feels, words, actions, pictures, numbers and more. The short-term memory will store it for seconds and then the information is gone again. Yet, the information is not completely gone, i.e. the information is somewhere in the corners of your mind.

Let’s use a vision to see what we come up with. For instance, vision self-walking through a lovely tropical ravine. As you walk through the narrow paths about the steep sides of the valley watching the running waters rush down a gushing stream, you look off to the right and notice you standing on the other side. At the moment, you can employ your body to feel and sense the moment, capturing the site of you. Why are you standing there? What do you see in the picture with you standing on the other side? What do you feel as the waters sound in the background, and the fresh air brushes your skin?

As you keep visioning self in this beautiful are and watch your moves along the memory visionary drive, you will gradually start to recall details, relations, and colors in the scene. It may eventually work up to what it is that you are trying to remember. It’s somewhat hard to help someone remember something when you have no clue, what it is that you are trying to resolve. Therefore, I will provide you the working tools and you can use the tools to see if it comes up with anything for you.

Another good idea for coming up with memories and sharpening the mind is to examine familiar pictures that connect you with the memory. Sometimes if you vision self in the picture, memories will start to flood. For instance, take out your family photos and stare at them looking for memories in the pictures. As you examine the pictures let, your mind, relax, and flow without interruptions. As the thoughts start to pour, you can jot down on paper thoughts that develop, while trying to pull those thoughts together.

You can cultivate memories by using visions, pictures and writing down your thoughts searching for associations as you write. The more you start writing your thoughts, the closer you will come to the memories; as well, your short-term memory will sharpen. Keep in mind that repeating and reciting are valuable tools for sharpening the memory. As well, you can use the back track strategy to sharpen the memory.

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