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Sometimes we want to put a name to a face and just can’t seem to do it. This is often embarrassing for some people who may spend a few minutes engaged in a conversation with a person, yet does not remember the person’s name. The person may wait for the opportunity hoping that the person will spill out his/her name, yet it doesn’t happen. What can we do?

Remembering people’s name is a skill of socializing. To remember names it is wise to repeat the name and recite the name. For instance, hi my name is Maggie. You repeat by saying, hi Maggie. Now quietly say the name again in your mind. Don’t use your lips as you think silently the name in your head. As you start using this strategy soon you will start recalling names of people you meet.

You can also ask the other person to repeat or recite his/her name. Just ay to the person, so your name is…and asks the person to spell the name, or else pronounce the name as it sounds, particularly if you are not clear of the spelling. This is great way to sharpen the memory and to remember names.

You can also use visualization tactics to recall names. As the person gives his /her name, visualize the person in your mind. You can picture the person’s name written on the front of the person’s shirt in an awkward color.

If you are talking to a person and can’t remember, his/her name makes an apology and let them know you can’t remember their name. This will relax the tension, and will give you the advantage of listening this time, so the next time you see the person you will remember their name.

Sometimes at what time a person introduces self to us. We may feel tension from meeting a stranger. This often distracts the mind, yet the name is in the mind, but at what time you need it, nothing comes out. Therefore, remove tension immediately and don’t be afraid to ask a person to repeat his or her name. Try to use the name frequently as you speak to the person, using the name informally so that you can recall the name later.

You can also use associating objects or parts of the person to recall names. For instance, you are trying to recall the name of a person you meet last week. You can’t recall the name. Vision the person in your mind. Think of the hair, parts of the body, face or anything that stands out in your mind to help you remember.

Well now, this is a basic helper in sharpen the mind and helping you recall names, however other strategies are available. Since we are nearing the end of the article, I want to give you a practice area so that you can learn tactics in recalling names.

The list: Firstly, don’t let the list title scare you out of not remembering.

Ok, look at the list without probing on the list. Preview the list first to help the mind prepare for remembering the list of names. Think of associations that will help you put the names in the mind. Possibly, you know people with these names. Now read the names silently without using the lips. Again, read the names aloud. Review the list now to see if you noticed each name in the list. Review again to make sure you have the spelling of the names correct. Now say the names aloud in order. Stop looking at the list and see if you can name each fictional character on the list aloud without misplacing any names. After you finish, look at the list of names again to see what you came up with and if you missed any names, start over.

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