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The memory is like a rushing river flowing through a canal, and with each turn, the mind travels in one direction or the other. As the information passes through the brain it lands in certain areas of the mind waiting associating objects, words, thoughts, and the like to spark its flow. Once the memory is triggered with associations it soon starts flowing down the canal, yet it takes you to organize the mind to pull the entire memory together.

The best ways to sharpen the short-term memory is to stare. For instant, read the following sentence longer than you normally would.

Jean walked boldly down the street, as the people passed her by. Jean showed confidence in her walk, which made many of the people stare at her as she walked past them. The people were impressed.

Read the sentence longer than you normally would read a sentence. Now, try to repeat the sentence without looking at the information. The first time you may have difficult reciting the words written, however at what time you come back to read the sentence again you will likely recite most of the words written.

As you see the memory has no captured the sentence, and while you may let go of the sentence now, somewhere down the road you will remember this sentence again. The brain works in this manner.

The brain processes information and stores it for the length of your life. No matter what you think is not in your brain, it is. In other words everything you read, everything you hear, everything you smell and so on is stored in your mind.

What causes the mind to forget? This is probably a question probing in your mind as you wonder how you can sharpen the short-term memory. The fact is the mind is often distracted. Anxiety, stress, other thoughts, disturbances, and more all cause the mind to forget at the moment you want to remember. Therefore, to sharpen the mind you will need to conform to a new lifestyle that enhances your overall human.

If you exercise, change your diet; change the lifestyle you live to a positive direction your mind will work smoother. This will help you to recall and remember with ease. To help you get that river in your mind flowing smoothly lets consider a few helpful tips.


Survey your memory before following the steps to sharpen your mind.

Repeat this sentence

I will work hard each day to sharpen my short-term memory.


Say aloud that you will not recourse to recidivism. Say, I will not recourse or relapse back into a state of mind that will hinder my process to sharpening my memory. Say aloud that you will stop telling self you can’t remember, and start telling self you can remember.


Put you in a comfortable area and vision self-looking at a memory. Pretend you are a star on the stage as you open the memory. Act out that memory to see where it goes. Continue acting out the scene and see where it leads you.

Writing to Remember

As you, role-play; take time out to note your thoughts, acts, words, etc. Get in the habit of writing down your thoughts. Use the tactic practice to develop skills that will help sharpen your memory.


Now review what you repeated, recited, role-played, and wrote down. Look through the information and note details and interactions that link to the memory.


Take a look back and all the details you have accumulated and follow the steps again.

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